The Centre for Continuing and Professional Education


CCPE operates as a division of DUT, as an outward-focused dynamic interface between the University and its external context and provides lifelong learning opportunities by centrally managing and coordinating DUT’s continuing education courses.

CCPE extends the educational resources of the University and offers courses that range from single-day events to full degree programmes and everything in between, in the following categories:

  • Formal programmes that blends the benefits of a flexible part-time approach to learning delivery with the rigour and support of the formal university processes for these qualifications.
  • Continuing education (short) courses aimed at improving and developing skills to meet changing workplace demands.
  • Personal enrichment courses centred on popular interests, for personal development. These fun courses are informative and inspiring and enable you to explore new interests, develop new skills, improve existing skills and enrich your life.
  • Continuing professional development courses that provide high-quality knowledge transfer and support for a wide range of professions to maintain professional knowledge and skills.

Customised courses can also be created to meet your strategic objectives and needs, to help your organisation build capability by either modifying one of our existing courses or developing an entirely new one. Consideration is also given to flexibility in presentation and delivery format to meet the needs of the world of work.

CCPE subscribes to the University’s strategic priorities of student centredness and engagement, notions which forge responsiveness to emerging learning and training needs and which results in a constantly evolving set of learning choices and options.

Our Vision

A premier provider of lifelong learning and training contributing to quality workforce capacity development, professional development, career advancement, and personal growth in an environment that is characterised by student centeredness, service-excellence and stakeholder engagement.

Our Mission

CCPE@DUT facilitates lifelong learning, through flexible delivery systems in response to the education and training needs of business, industry, professions, communities and individuals, within a sustainability framework and underpinned by a strong commitment to the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal responsibility.

Our Values

Lifelong Learning, Engagement, Student Centredness & Service Excellence

Our Principles

Entrepreneurship, Responsiveness, Fiscal responsibility, Sustainability & Flexible delivery systems